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What is the right type of sign for your job?

We offer several options that allow us to match your needs with one of our products. There are several factors that go into making the right decision. How much information do you need on the sign? Where is the sign going and where will your customer be viewing the sign? How long do you need the sign to be viewed? Once we get these questions answered we can decide what sign will work best for you.

Waterproof Cardboard Signs

Waterproof cardboard signs are usually the most economical economical sign option. These are most often used in political races. They offer an an inexpensive way to get your message across. We are also able to score the signs allowing them to be viewed from two directions. They are easy to install using a "U" shaped wire and a staple gun. Depending on the weather you can expect these signs to hold up for a couple of months.

Corrugated Plastic Signs

The next option would be the corrugated plastic sign. These signs can be seen at intersections and along roadways usually promoting real estate, insurance and of course, politicians. These offer many advantages to the waterproof cardboard signs. They hold up to weather much better and can be expected to last more than a year. They are easier to install as the sign slides into the corrugated sign. No staples needed. For many people, this in itself makes the sign worth the extra cost.  

Aluminum Signs

A third option is an aluminum sign. A longtime standard, this is the most durable sign material. It is mainly used in the real estate market and private property markings (No trespassing, No hunting, Property of Velvetex, etc.). These signs can be expected to last for years. If your message is not going to change this, may turn out to be the most economical option for the long term.

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